Jared Sternberg

Project Coordinator & Creative Consultant

Hailing from Scarsdale, NY, Jared is TM34 Marketing’s point man on every project. He’s the man clients call for anything they need, whether that’s creative direction on a marketing strategy or urgent maintenance on their website.

Clients old and new have come to trust their lives with Jared & the reason is simple: his greatest asset is his dedication & unwavering commitment to providing quality service. Time after time, he’s demonstrated his uncanny ability to gather the entire picture, anticipate difficulties, & offer the professional presentation that so many of our clients seek.

He’s self-motivated, quick to think, & even quicker to act. Demonstrating a unique passion for his work on a daily basis, Jared embodies the credo we live by here at TM34: we can’t do substandard work. Period.