Web Design

Web design has always been the heart and soul of any well-oiled marketing campaign. Every successful and engaging website – from a static landing page to a 1,000 product e-commerce store – has a quality design behind it.

Why? Because no matter how highly you rank on search engines, no matter how much money you put towards advertising, second-rate designs will not convert.

You need a website teeming with user experience and that’s exactly what TM34 Marketing is here to deliver.



The web design process begins with the wireframe, which lays out the blueprint for your website’s architecture. With this architecture comes our conceptualization of your site’s purpose and functionality.

What is your site designed to accomplish? Funneling conversions? Contact form here. Providing useful information? Blogroll there.

We sketch out the headers and the footers, the sidebars and the body content, all to make sure your site has a logical and intuitive flow.


Content-Ready Design

What makes TM34 Marketing’s wireframes so unique and valuable is that we are dually trained as both web designers AND content marketers.

It may seem quite matter-of-fact, but this is what sets us apart from all other agencies. We’ve seen far too many design mockups that looked aesthetically great at first glance, except the wireframe doesn’t make sense from a content perspective.

With TM34 Marketing, you get the best of both worlds: content creation and web design. We build out the structures of each design using content as our foundation. And, as an added bonus, each completed website design comes with content written on it.

With TM34 writing your content as we design your website, the whole package will be poised for SEO success once completed. No waiting on content writers to get around to it — when it’s done, it’s live and it’s ready for marketing.


UI/UX Web Design

Pleasure and usability — these are at the heart of designing a website for both UI and UX (user interface and user experience, respectively).

Here at TM34, we take these ideals very seriously. UI/UX web design ensures that people not only like your site, but that they genuinely enjoy spending time on it.

The layout and color schemes are consistent and appealing. The pictures and content look visually stimulating. As far as UI/UX is concerned, a website’s more than just a part of your brand. It’s the embodiment of your brand on the internet.

To be successful, your brand needs to be fun and personable. To be successful online, your brand’s website needs to be too.


Responsive Web Design

Powerful UI and UX mean nothing if they’re not universally experienced. UX doesn’t mean quality user experience on laptops only – it means quality user experience across all platforms.

More and more people are using their phones and tablets to browse your site everyday. Know what that means? Your site needs to respond to these changing times with grace. It needs to look good on all devices.

That’s where responsive web design comes in. When we design your website, we design it to look as good on an Android as it does on a laptop. We design it to be as engaging on an iPad as it is on a desktop. Your audience can use any browser on any device to experience any page of your site and you can rest assured the quality isn’t compromised.


Website Re-Design

Web design is a dynamic and constantly evolving landscape. Year after year, new standards come to fruition and new technologies render the old ones obsolete.

Not too long ago, Adobe Flash was the cornerstone of UI design. Now, it’s faded into the dustbins of history. A few years ago, most sites could get away without being mobile responsive. Now, responsive web design is a necessity.

There’s no better way to date your brand than having a site that doesn’t keep up with the times. Good thing we’re here to make sure your site looks fresh and brand new.

Interested in Designing a Website?