Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the business world – and the world at large – more than any other force in the last century.That’s a bold claim, but one that’s 100% true. We probably don’t have to convince you of that though. After all, how’d you end up on this page?

Social media can be a business’s best friend. It can be an unprecedented way for small companies to compete with the largest brands in the world. It can be a way to directly engage and convert customers. It can be a way to launch viral campaigns and reap the rewards of insane traffic.

It can also be your biggest headache and a source of never ending effort and stress. You’re a business owner with a million and one things on your to do list. Do you really need to add constant social monitoring and interaction?

Let us, the social media experts at TM34, build your following. Let us generate, engage, and nurture leads. Let us convert those leads to satisfied customers.

In other words – let us turn your business to your brand through social media.


Building Followers & Engagement

The first part of any social campaign is to build your following. Most companies decide bigger is better. That’s a mistake.

Building fans, followers, and engagement starts by targeting the social channels that are right for your brand. It’s not necessary to have a Twitter profile if you’re a scuba rental company. Instead, let’s focus on visually driven mediums like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

You may be thinking, “we’re good – we paid for 2,000 followers across all social channels.” That’s mistake number two. Paying for followers dilutes your profile’s organic reach. It sends your posts to bots instead of fans hungry for great content.

Successfully growing your social presence starts with this type of individualized and targeted outreach. Only after you have real followers, on the right platforms, do you build meaningful engagement.

And meaningful social engagement is as much about knowing when to stay silent as it is about knowing when to post. We don’t post 20 times a day and annoy your followers. We post twice, to the right people, and achieve better results.

Remember, your social followers aren’t abstract profiles – they’re real people with real interests and needs. Through years of experience, we know exactly how to engage and convert these real people to real customers.


Social Stores

The fastest growing way to sell products or services online is through social media stores. Lucky for you, we’ve been using social to sell since day one. We’ve embraced and conquered the unique beast that is social selling.

While e-commerce stores are built on research and reviews, social stores are built on emotional purchasing. That means you need to be found at the right time, have a beautifully and emotionally evocative profile, and have plenty of followers and engagement.

Well, we knocked out followers and engagement above. That leaves being found and creating a strong emotional response.

We know how to get you found through relevant posting and other social signals. We’ve been doing this for years. We’re the best around at it. End of story.

As for that emotional connection, well that’s what your brand is for. Hey, good timing, we were just about to discuss brand building!


Brand Building

Building your brand is, hands down, our favorite part of social media marketing. It’s not work to us, the social nerds here at TM34. It’s a puzzle that rewards quality outreach and consistent effort.

The first thing you need to know about brand building is that your brand isn’t just your business. Your brand is the emotional connection between your followers and your business.

In other words – your brand’s the narrative built around your company. What do you stand for? What do you do for fun? What’s the culture of your company like?

These questions – and about 1,000 more we’ll be asking – are how you stand out from being just another profile. They’re how you create that emotional response we mentioned above.

They’re how you convert and sell on social.


Viral Campaigns

Ah, going viral. The not so little goal every brand wants. The key to unprecedented attention and sales. The golden ticket everyone’s searching for.

Want to know a secret? Going viral doesn’t happen by accident – it takes quality content, social skill, and just a tiny dash of luck. In other words, going viral isn’t the goal itself, but a byproduct of your perfectly executed content marketing and social campaigns.

Viral social sharing doesn’t just happen on it’s own (unless it involves kittens…but if you’re not a pet store, you’re posts shouldn’t involve kittens).

That’s where our years of experience become invaluable.

We know how to make something go viral for the right reasons. When you pick us, your post isn’t going to get 1,000,000 shares because of kittens or clickbait. It’s going to get 1,000,000 shares because it’s carefully crafted and surgically targeted to the right audience.


Social Proof & Customer Service

One of the coolest parts of social media is the ability it gives you to position yourself however you want.

Are you a small roofing company from Philadelphia? There’s nothing to stop you from claiming you’re the premier roofing company on the East Coast.

Of course, you better have some social proof to back that claim up. Otherwise, you’re going to look ridiculous and no one wants that. This is where social proof becomes vital.

Social proof is, at its most basic, the level of satisfaction your customers and followers display on your profiles. It’s a form of customer service that rewards content and honesty with engagement and viral sharing.

Are your statuses constantly getting liked? Are your Tweets constantly getting retweeted? Are your hashtags trending? Are comments and concerns replied to swiftly and truthfully?

This commitment to your followers – to your customers – builds trust between the public and your online presence. It’s social proof and customer service in action.


Social Media Advertising

With its distinct capacity for direct customer engagement, social media advertising offers a direct way to expand brand awareness and reach new customers.

Thousands of people log into their Facebook accounts, check trending tweets and watch videos on YouTube every day. With the right advertising campaign, each one of these people is a potential customer.

What makes social media advertising so uniquely valuable is its built-in promotional platform. You can use it to not only promote your business and your website, but your social presence itself.

Boost your posts, promote your tweets, and sponsor your pins to ensure everyone with an internet connection knows your brand. Target your exact audience by their self-proclaimed “likes” and interests. Take your advertising into the 21st century with fluid, interactive video ads that double traffic and triple sales!

Let TM34 Marketing show you how it’s done – custom strategies, beautiful creatives, and visionary copy that grows your brand to levels you’ve never dreamed of.

Ready to Reach New Heights on Social Media?