Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, aka the little phrase responsible for sending shivers down the backs of business owners the world over. The little phrase responsible for making grown men and women break into a cold sweat.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but based in fact! I mean, why else are you – a smart and successful entrepreneur – on this page, looking for someone to help you with organic search?

Despite being largely folded into inbound marketing as a whole, practicing SEO – that is, optimizing your site for search engines – is still an overwhelming and nerve wracking process.

Don’t let it be!

Let us, the internet nerds at TM34, help you out. We’ve been optimizing sites since Alta Vista was a thing. Year in and year out, time and time again, we’ve developed innovate, unique, and successful organic campaigns. What else needs to be said?

Stop stressing and call us today!


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the backbone of SERP success and organic domination. Don’t worry if that sentence made no sense, we’re about to lay it all out.

Technical SEO consists of things like having a well structured sitemap, having clean URL’s and clean code, using 301 and 302 redirects properly, using the rel=canonical tag properly, making your 404 pages user friendly, making your site quick to load, and implementing structured data like rich snippets.

In other words, technical optimization is all about making your site simple for search engines to crawl, index, understand, and display.

The overall user experience (UX) needs to be taken into account too. After all, what good is being #1 on Google is users can’t navigate your site?

These are just two of the many areas where we deliver stellar results. Take a look at our portfolio of satisfied clients to see some technically sound and user friendly sites.


On-Page SEO

In years past, on-page SEO consisted of repeating your keyword 50 times, pointing some spammy links at your page, and outranking everyone else.

Thankfully, that’s not the world we live in anymore!

In order to optimize on-page content in 2015, you need to balance a lot of elements. Things like keyword research, titles, topic modeling, headers, semantic indexing, alt tags and image optimization, TF-IDF, meta descriptions, rich complimentary content, and internal links all need to be considered.

In other words – you need to have a lot going on to achieve on-page optimization success.

Guess what? The easiest way to start ranking your site is to simply produce absolutely jaw dropping content.

Not only does this incorporate all the above elements, it also results in great UX, satisfied visitors, and conversions.

Guess what search engines want to see more than anything else? That visitors like, engage with, recommend, and trust your site. Once you achieve that, ranking comes naturally.

It’s a lot to take it, but fear not! We’re here to help. We’ve been implementing on-page SEO since the days of yore. We know exactly what’s needed to get your site ranking and your phone ringing.

Call us today, tell us a little about what makes your business unique, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Off-Page Elements

Off-page optimization is often thought of as one of the trickiest areas to improve on. I mean the name says it all – off page. As in out of your control…right?

Wrong! Even though the following elements aren’t directly on your site, they’re still able to be used for organic search success. Things like backlinks, click-through-rate, social amplification, and brand mentions are absolutely vital to your overall SEO health.

None of these is more important than your backlink profile. For example, did you know that if online pharmacy sites are linking to you, you’re probably going to take a rankings hit? Did you know that gaining too many natural links in a short period of time can lead to a rankings hit?

This is where our years of expertise monitoring, maintaining, and implementing healthy link profiles become invaluable.

Not only will we make sure you’re being mentioned around the internet – but we’ll make sure they’re the right kinds of mentions.

In other words, we’re your digital reputation guardians. We’ll make sure off-page optimization is working for you, rather than against you.

Which brings us to the next critical element of SEO success – following search engines best practices.

What Does it Cost to Be #1?