Public Relations

Ah, public relations. The five-syllable phrase that’s inspired fear and anxiety in the minds of businesses the world over.

Live in fear no longer! TM34 is here to help. We’re PR pros with a penchant for creating stories around your company’s unique strengths. More importantly, we’re crack media-spinners who understand how to shift negative liabilities to growth and branding potential.

Read on to learn how we can build and cultivate your business’ public profile – aka your brand – and evoke a meaningful emotional connection each time your name is mentioned!


Business Branding

First, let’s define what a brand is and isn’t. You may think your company’s brand is simply an extension of who you all are and what you do. That’s true, to an extent, but branding goes further.

Your brand is the specific feeling consumers and other businesses hold for your company.

So, to build that brand, TM34 creates your story. We take your experiences, your strengths and weaknesses, your successes and failures, your logo and designs, your products and location, your employees and partners – and combine them into a meaningful narrative.

The result is a unified and striking representation of what you, as a person and as a business, stand for.

Ever wonder how brands like Nike, Apple, and Audi are able to inspire such rabid followers? Through a single seed that grows and splinters into multiple brand branches.

They have their stories – what’s yours?


Traditional PR

Traditional PR is the tried and true way to achieving brand awareness. It’s your father’s type of media coverage, but hey, your father was a smart man. Our hats are off to him.

When you think traditional PR, think newspaper and magazine coverage, TV news reporting, direct response mailers and posters, and press releases. When you think traditional PR, think business cards and media kits.

But most importantly, when you think traditional PR, think relationships with journalists.

That’s what public relations, be it on TV or online, is all about – fostering relationships with the media.

While TM34 may not be as well connected as some PR agencies, we know people. We have strong ties to the world of media production.

Why do the heavy lifting yourself when you can let our already established relationships work for you?


Digital PR

While old-school PR is all about getting your brand out there and hoping it resonates with consumers, digital PR is about getting those consumers to come to you.

Make no mistake, online PR involves having the spotlight on your business, but it’s what happens after that makes it uniquely valuable.

See, today’s PR is about channeling your brand to the right users. It’s about having brand related content put in front of users who already share similar values and beliefs.

Once you achieve that, well, your return on investment becomes about more than dollars and cents. It becomes about the emotional connection between your customers and your company. It becomes about a self-driving legion of loyal fans aka brand ambassadors.

TM34 knows how to achieve this level of fandom. We’re experts at targeting the right online news outlets, online influencers, blogs, niche sites, social channels, and content services for your brand.

To put it another way – it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. We know the people in your niche you want to know. We’ll introduce you over drinks. Sound good?


Reputation Management

What’s that they say about trust? It takes years to build and minutes to destroy? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Your brand’s reputation is everything. What’s the first thing people do (especially the elusive millennial generation) when they’re thinking about buying from, or doing business with, you?

They search for you online.

You better have your best foot forward. Your company better have positive reviews and a thriving digital footprint. Your social channels better have followers and engagement.

Think about it like this – would you go to a surgeon who practices from his parent’s basement? Well, your online reputation is the same. Make sure your first impression is a good one or there may not be a second.

That’s where TM34 swoops in to save the day. We’re experts at managing user reviews, building your social following, and promoting social engagement. We’re experts at turning negative reviews into opportunities for brand growth and customer retention.


Community Outreach

Community outreach is one of those things that’s simple to understand and near impossible to perfect.

Community outreach is one incredibly effective tactic companies take after they’ve screwed the pooch. Remember the BP oil fiasco from 2010? You better believe they were doing some serious community outreach after that.

You know what? We believe that brands should always be engaging in community outreach. After all, what better way is there to foster a positive public image and, at the same time, help the public at large?

That’s to say nothing of the explosive media impact community outreach can have. We’re talking TV news coverage, glowing print articles, and viral online sharing. Who doesn’t want that?

To put it another way – community outreach is just one more PR tool that brands need in their wheelhouse. The more your name is being mentioned, the more products you’ll sell, subscriptions you’ll receive, and business opportunities you’ll get.

It’s that simple.

Grow Your Business Brand With TM34!