Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click. PPC. Search engine marketing. Pay-per-impression. PPM. Paid search. Google ads. Bing ads. Display ads.

Whatever you call it, and trust us there are 1,000s of names, the result is the same – getting to the top of search engines.

PPC should be called explosive growth because that’s what it does. You want your phones ringing tomorrow? Then start your PPC campaign today.


PPC Management

While SEO and organic search is focused on slowly climbing the SERPs (search engine result pages), PPC is focused on getting you there overnight. This instant domination doesn’t come cheap though.

That’s one of the reasons having a dedicated PPC management team is so important. Not only do you want someone to monitor and improve your campaigns – you want someone who’s going to make sure you spend as little as possible.

You want someone who’s going to get your phone ringing and keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket.

We’re those guys. We’re experts at PPC management, at finding creative and unique ways to control the SERPs. Our skills are hard won and come from years advertising on Google and Bing.

We know all the tricks, tips, and hacks to send your campaign into overdrive. We also know how to keep your overall spend down and maximize every penny you do pay.

What could be better? Call us today to learn how we get you superior and cost effective results!


Campaign Set Up

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful PPC campaign. Despite it’s ability to produce results overnight, pay-per-click doesn’t start overnight. There’s a lot of research that happens behinds the scenes.

We’re talking market research, keyword research, competitor research, geographic research, device research, creating conversion driven landing pages, implementing call tracking, A/B testing, and constant quality improvement.

Yeah, we said it was a lot of research.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

When you choose TM34 to run your search engine marketing, we do all the heavy lifting. We do all the research, all the footwork, all the background data gathering that separates effective campaigns from duds.

In other words – we’ll set up your campaign and make sure it’s successful. All you do is tell us about your product. Sound good?


Conversion Rate Optimization

A lot of time and money go towards simply setting up a pay-per-click campaign – we don’t want a single cent or second to be wasted once it launches.

That’s why, before it even begins, we lay the groundwork for analyzing and optimizing conversions — that is, turning clicks into sales.

By serving different audiences different landing pages at different times, we conduct randomized trials that gauge each page’s effectiveness.

Do customers prefer one color to another? Do they like sliders or find them distracting? Do they click on one call-to-action but not another?

Each subtle psychological element is tested to a degree of absolute statistical significance. If it doesn’t work, we dispense with it immediately. If it does, then we build on it again and again until your conversion rate is 100% — until every cent spent is a dollar returned.


Geotargeted Campaigns

All your PPC campaigns are going to be geotargeted to an extent, but some are going to call for pinpoint accuracy. Some are going to call for geotargeting down to individual cities and neighborhoods.

Think about it like this – let’s say you own a successful women’s bathing suit and beachwear company. You’re looking to expand and take your sales to the next level, so you decide PPC is the way to go.

Where are you going to advertise? How about Southern Florida and California? Seems like a good idea, right?


All the women in Florida and California already have their beachwear. Besides, everyone else is targeting those areas. If you advertise there too, you’re going to spend more money and get fewer conversions.

Let’s target the Northeast in November – right when husbands are buying their wives winter vacations and wives are buying themselves bikinis. Let’s target the Midwest in late February – right when college students are making their spring break plans and shopping for new swimwear.

Not only will your cost per click and cost per acquisition be lower, your conversions will shoot through the roof.

This type of creative, outside the box thinking – this type of specific and surgical geotargeting – is what separates us from the rest of the pack.

That tip was on the house. Call us today to learn more about how we’ll supercharge your PPC campaign!

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