E-Mail Marketing

Let us throw some stats at you:

  • According to a 2012 study, 7 of 10 people said they made use of a coupon or promo from an email in the prior week
  • According to Experian – yes, that Experian – every $1 spent on email marketing results in a $44.25 return on investment (ROI)
  • The Radicati Group estimates that upwards of 80% of emails are spam

This is all a long way of saying email marketing is alive, well, providing a killer ROI, and largely dominated by spam. Imagine how your email campaign – executed with pinpoint accuracy and targeting by TM34 – can capitalize on that!



Newsletters are the go to email marketing technique if your business is service, hospitality, or retail based. While coupons have their place, newsletters are the tried and true standard.

So, how does TM34 make newsletters work for you? Simple – we take a structured and specialized approach to building your initial email list and make sure to keep you out of the spam folder.

How is that possible, you ask? How do you guys provide relevant and quality content to our audience, you ask? How do you guys make sure our newsletters find the inbox every time?

The same way we make sure all your other content marketing campaigns are optimized – years of experience, an intrinsic understanding of key demographics, content segmentation, targeted outreach, and quality content.

Did your treatment center just hire a nationally renowned counselor? Expect your email subscribers to receive the counselor’s bio, key accomplishments, & maybe even an eBook of their therapeutic methods.

Did your company just open a new location? Expect your email subscribers to receive high quality pictures, video, coupons, & an irresistible call-to-action.


Sales, Coupons, & Deals

Speaking of coupons and call-to-actions, let’s talk about the unrivaled effectiveness of email promotions.

It’s a well-worn fact that coupons convert. We’ve known this for decades – so why aren’t more brands combining promotions with email marketing? That’s like putting peanut butter & jelly together – or if jelly’s not your thing, putting peanut butter and chocolate together!

Let me tell you fine folks a story. The year was 2013 and I was driving a 2009 Toyota Corolla.

One day, I opened up my Gmail and found an offer to trade in my four-year-old car, pay a small amount of $, and get a brand new car. This seemed too good to be true. I called the dealership anyway because you never know, right? Three hours later, I had a brand new, jet-black, fully upgraded Corolla.

Let my life be an example of the power email coupons, deals, and promotions hold. If I was converted – imagine what we can do for your brand.

The sky isn’t the limit – there’s no limit.


Customer Retention & Growth

After a potential customer turns to an actual customer, what’s next? How do you turn one sale into hundreds? How do you turn that customer to a brand advocate?

Someone’s shopping on your beautifully designed and responsive e-commerce site from their phone. They’re adding items to their cart and are almost ready to buy…when they get a call – how do you get them back to that abandoned cart?

The answer to both these questions is customer retention email. This genre of inbox marketing shares a lot of common traits with newsletters and promotions, but it has one defining feature – everything about these emails is designed to convert.

And that’s where TM34’s copywriter soul emerges from the shadows. He’s a wiry guy, covered in scars and tattoos. Before you know it, he starts kicking ass, making you money, and building loyal brand ambassadors.

Customer retention emails are all about conversions. They’re about demonstrating – through copy and media – that your brand is worthy of repeated business. They’re about removing every doubt and objection from your customers’ minds.

We accomplish this feat through our unrivaled writing. Look, if we can convince you to call us up, we can convince your customers to buy again. End of story.


Focused Demographics & Customer Targeting

This is the part where we get to geek out! Three cheers for audience segmentation, focused demographics, and customer targeting!

Okay, that probably sounds like the nerdiest thing ever – in fact it is the nerdiest thing ever – but it’s also going to make you money, so hear us out.

If you’re running a successful email marketing campaign, you’re not going to be sending out one mass email. That’s amateur hour. You’re going to be sending out many different groups of emails to your different demographics and customer types.

One of the reasons email is so powerful is that it can be fully customized down to each individual recipient.

Let’s return to our treatment center example from above. When we run a newsletter campaign for a treatment center, we create a few different templates – one for families of current patients, one for families of alumni, one for alumni themselves, one for the local community, one for other treatment centers, one for private practice therapists…you get the idea.

Each of these templates is then further customized to address the unique experiences of people within specific demographics. So, our alumni families get different emails based on the length their loved one’s been out of treatment. One for families in the first month, one for families between one and six months, one for families between six month and a year, etc.

This type of customized email marketing campaign produces jaw-dropping results. The conversion rates for this type of audience segmentation is through the roof.

Call us today to learn why for yourself!

You’ve Got Mail — AND New Business!