E-Commerce Solutions

Brick and mortar is so 20th century. We’re the marketing and design agency of the future and we’d be pretty behind the times if we didn’t offer an array of specialized services for e-commerce sites: the storefront of the future.

Our e-commerce solutions cover everything we do here at TM34 and much more. We’re not only talking design, development, and your merchant gateway, but also pioneering e-commerce marketing strategies custom-tailored to your brand’s needs.


Content Management Systems

E-commerce solutions begin with the framework and architecture of your store: the content management system (or CMS for short).

Your site needs content – just like any other site – but it also needs much more. It needs a system of managing shopping carts, housing inventory, and tracking orders.

Here at TM34, our go-to e-commerce CMS is WordPress paired with WooCommerce. However, we’re also highly proficient Magento developers and are more than capable of working with Shopify, BigCommerce, and other major platforms.


E-Commerce Development

As far as web development is concerned, e-commerce is a unique kind of beast. SSL encryption, merchant gateways, cart and account access, order processing…these are specific e-commerce problems. And specific e-commerce problems require specific e-commerce solutions.

We develop your e-commerce site to be safe, speedy, and secure. Putting marketing aside for a moment – it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done! – you can forget about any transactions once your customers get locked out of their account.

Through tech-savvy development and an unparalleled adherence to best practices, we’re here to ensure every customer completes every transaction!


Customer Retention

Good web development and the right content management system go a long way toward ensuring phenomenal user experience. But it’s often not enough.

As far as retention is concerned, the one distinctive problem that e-commerce sites face is a lack of brand personality. Brick and mortar shops have a staff and manager, but nothing is less personal than a 100% digital transaction.

A large part of what TM34 Marketing specializes in is giving brands their voice. This is particularly challenging when it comes to the voice of e-commerce. We’re up to the task. Whether it’s live-chat, review management, or follow-up email campaigns – we ensure that your customers keep coming back.



The task of making an e-commerce store is just half of the battle. After all, what good’s a beautifully designed and wonderfully developed store if no one’s visiting?

E-commerce sites are vast, comprising hundreds to thousands of products. This makes the task of marketing especially difficult, as each product requires its own promotional strategy.

One scalable way we market e-commerce stores is through e-marketplaces.

Chances are, you’ve purchased something from eBay or Amazon. Such media offer a tremendous and largely untapped market for expansion in the e-commerce world. For a nominal fee per item sold, you get the whole infrastructure and customer base of the world’s foremost shopping platforms.


Shopping Engine Management

Most of us remember Froogle, the first online shopping engine. It’s now known by the humble moniker Google Shopping and dozens of other shopping engines have follow suit.

Shopping engines are a critical e-commerce solution for marketing, but they require disciplined management from experienced professionals.

Your datafeed needs to be optimized and syndicated to the right engines. Your inventory needs to be categorized appropriately and these taxonomies need to utilize the right keywords and metadata. Bidding strategies need to be composed, landing pages designed, and ROI maximized.

This is exactly what TM34 Marketing does. Product by product, sale by sale, we grow your store for you.

Build, Promote & Grow the Store of the Future!