Digital Media Buying

Have you ever been browsing your favorite website when you see an ad on the side that seems custom made for you? How is it this website knew exactly what you like to shop for? How did it know, in all likelihood, you’d buy the product it displayed (whether you clicked on the ad or visited their website by another means).

Welcome to the world of digital media buying — a world of ads proven to engage and landing pages proven to convert.


Contextual Targeting

Digital media buying comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the first of which is contextual advertising. These are the ads that show up on sites that are contextually related to the ad itself.

A perfect example of a well-placed contextual ad is on mugshot sites. Public records, like arrests and mugshots, are placed on third-party sites that contain advertisements for reputation management firms. The genius of these ads isn’t only the desperation of their audience (people want to remove this info from the internet stat!).

It’s the fact that ads like these are placed on sites that contain relevant content and, for that reason, are already optimized for conversions!

behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting

The next form of digital media buying is what we call behavioral targeting. Here, the strategy isn’t the context of the website, but the behavior of your audience itself. Are they designated as “likely buyers” or do they browse sites without making purchases?

We work with ad servers that integrate highly intelligent algorithms to determine each individual’s behavior. These servers rarely fail. Why? Because you’re not wasting a cent on someone who isn’t going to convert – because each penny spent is going towards someone who’s likely to buy your product or service!

Direct Website Advertising Purchase

Direct Placement

Sometimes, it’s not the behavior of the consumer or the context of the website that’s most valuable. Sometimes, the website itself is the value.

We’re talking about We’re talking about Huffington Post. These sites generate revenue through advertising and we’re here to publish your ad on these sites. While they collect the profit of serving ad space, you get to publicize your brand on a site that gets thousands of visitors every minute.

The return on that investment…is beyond any monetary value.


Website Retargeting

Statistically speaking, most people don’t convert into paying customers the first time they visit a site. In fact, only a minuscule 2% do. This is especially problematic for e-commerce stores, in which 72% of shopping carts are abandoned before a purchase is made.

Fear not — TM34 Marketing always has a solution. In this case, it’s website retargeting: serving ads on third-party sites that remind your audience to return and complete their transaction.

Retargeting isn’t only proven to boost conversions by 147%. It also makes tens of thousands more people aware of your brand and boosts your website traffic by an average of 726%!


Social Retargeting

With site retargeting, your ad shows up on sites your audience visits after yours. There’s one kind of site in particular that receives incomparably high rates of traffic, that can put your brand on the map like nothing else — the social media platform.

With social advertising, your ad goes right on Facebook’s newsfeed. It goes right on Twitter’s feed. Let us leverage the incomparable reach of social media with beautiful creatives and sweet, concise copy – converting customers for you one ad at a time!

Your Ad — Here, There, & EVERYWHERE!