Web & Application Development

If design is the architect of a beautifully-crafted site, then development is the constructor and general contractor. Web development is the art and science of taking appealing, aesthetic designs, and making them come alive.

Every website you’ve ever seen, every webpage you’ve ever browsed, has thousands of lines of code, hundreds of requests from client to server. As your go-to web development company, it’s our job to make sure that this code is clean and valid, that these requests are fulfilled promptly.

In other words – it’s our job to make sure your site is able to interact with your audience.


Front-End Web Development

You’ve heard of HTML and maybe even CSS and JavaScript. These are the programming languages we use for client-side or front-end web development. The front-end is what people see when they go to your site: the fonts, layout, animations, and overall structure.

When we develop your front-end, we start with the markup and gradually add styles once we get an idea of how the content is presented. Every pixel size and color hue is deliberate and made to optimize user experience to the highest degree. With a basic framework sketched out, we add the little extras with JavaScript and jQuery: subtle fade-ins and eye-catching animations that keep users engaged and in awe.


Server-Side Web Development

We develop your front-end to drop jaws and function with interactivity. Still your website is constantly changing, updating its blog, adding new photos, and more. Are we supposed to write your code again and again, every time this happens?

Nope. We develop your site to be dynamic from the very start by programming it to communicate with your server.

Utilizing server-side frameworks such as PHP, Ruby, and Python, we’re able to serve highly dynamic user interfaces that are customized to the needs of each individual user.

If your audience wants to search for web pages that contain a specific keyword, your server will process and return a page that fits their query. If you want to automatically divide your e-commerce store into different brands, prices, and taxonomies, a few lines of code can divvy up your products in an instant.


Hosting & Database Management

Server-side web development works by programming logical statements (“if this, then that”) into your server files. Those statements convey data, and that data has to be stored somewhere. This is where a database server comes into play. A responsive site requires a database to not only be created, but efficiently managed.

When developing your site, we map out a database scheme to optimize your site’s speed and performance. Combined with ineffectual management, large data quantities are the number one cause of server-side bottlenecks and slow site speed. With TM34 marketing managing your server, you get a custom strategy for distribution, caching, and organizing your database and allowing your site to scale.


Application Development

In the age of Androids and iPhones, the role of mobile apps in everyday life is unquestionable.

Statistics show that apps are the first point of contact for 26% of consumers – and at 89% they’re the predominant medium for interacting with brands. Their placement on mobile desktops is convenient, their user interface is intuitive, and they offer distinct opportunities for customer engagement that just aren’t possible for web browsers.

From the moment we take on your project, a core question we determine is whether application development can complement your marketing strategy. If you need a user-friendly app to book appointments, we make it. If you need an integrative platform to streamline reviews, look no further than TM34 to fulfill your development needs.

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