Content Marketing

There’s this saying that goes a little something like – content is king.

It’s been thrown around by every sophomore marketing major since the Clinton administration. Maybe you’ve heard it?

Well, over here at TM34’s secret marketing Batcave (yes, we have beanbag chairs. No, we won’t tell you where it is), we think that’s absolutely true…but something else needs to be said:

If content is king, then marketing strategy is your kingdom!

And that’s what you get when you work with us. Not only will we produce stellar content of all shapes and sizes for your niche, but we’ll fit that content into part of a larger strategy.

To put it another way – we’re not going to give you a McMansion that only looks good, we’re going to give you a castle in the south of France that has real value! (which is definitely not where our secret marketing Batcave is)


Content Creation

When it comes to content marketing, creation is half the battle. Most people think this means writing 50,000 blogs, throwing them at the wall, and seeing what sticks.

While we’re word nerds and the idea of 50,000 blogs is incredibly appealing…that’s not what we’re talking about when we say content creation.

We’re talking about a variety of styles, including blogs, videos, apps, photos, short and micro-form articles, infographs, podcasts, long-form articles, and more. We’re talking content that engages and converts. We’re talking content that’s perfectly crafted and has the potential to go viral.

You can keep your 50,000 mediocre blog posts – we’ll deliver you 50 perfect ones instead.


Content Optimization

Content optimization and SEO have a lot in common. In fact, some of marketing’s best minds are calling this the new SEO.

While we’re not one for trends or fads, they may just have a point.

Not only will TM34 create all your content, we’ll also optimize the hell out of it. We’re talking semantically dense articles, alt tagged photos, and optimized video. We’re talking retooling and boosting your existing content. We’re talking apps that actually get found on the App Store.

We’re talking about evergreen content – the stuff that stands the test of time, can always be found in search engines, and provides ROI for years to come.

That’s not an easy feat, but we’re not easy guys. (Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about marketing here!)


Influencer Marketing

If creating content is half the battle, than making sure it gets in front of the right customers is the rest. That’s where influencer marketing becomes a priceless asset.

This is a nifty little growth hack that uses the authority of already established influencers to brand your content as the cream of the crop.

Through our years of writing and marketing experience, we’ve made some serious connections. We’re talking about Twitter celebrities, respected bloggers, journalists, cinematographers, and media moguls.

Okay, not media moguls, but you get the idea.

We know people who’re hungry for quality content across all niches and subjects. We produce quality content for you, they dig it, and share it on social or their sites.

This not only associates your brand with influential figures – it provides invaluable social proof and links.


Social Amplification

The integration of SEO and social media is something we’re calling social amplification content marketing.

It’s doesn’t sound too smooth, but it doesn’t have to. Social amplification content marketing is the process of using social media to attract some serious attention to your content.

It’s making something go viral for the right reasons.

With TM34, your article, video, or app isn’t going to get 1,000,000 shares because it has kittens and a clickbait headline. It’s going to get 1,000,000 shares because it’s carefully crafted and surgically targeted to the right audience.

Sound good? Then call us today to step into the digital spotlight!

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