The Good Life Treatment Center

Alcoholism & Addiction Treatment Center

There are over 12,000 drug & alcohol treatment centers in Florida.

The question is: how do you make yours stand out?

User Interface

The alcohol/drug addiction industry is unique in that its customer base is especially fickle, and many clients do not enter into the sales funnel willingly. So, persistent — and, more importantly, strategic — placement of CTAs and contact forms was key in designing The Good Life website. When we mapped out the content & the wireframes, we decided to divide sections according to CTAs. This way, potential clients are not only continually encouraged to attend treatment, but the content retains its natural momentum.

We even created a custom shortcode so that the Good Life could continue to make use of the CTAs we designed after they took over the management of their content.

Social Proof

Another concern that is somewhat unique — or at least more pronounced — in the addiction treatment field is social proof. It seems like every other month you can read about another treatment center that’s under investigation for insurance fraud — so all the more reason to highlight customer testimonials and the proper accreditations.


Content Architecture

When they started working with us, the Good Life was a newcomer in almost every sense of the word. They were new in their industry, and new to marketing a business. Most of all, they were new to the concept of building content around their website.

So, as we often do with our web design projects, TM34 developed their website around content that we wrote. We knew the content that they needed, the content that would work, and the content that would stand out. So, we wrote each of the 24 original pages of content featured on the Good Life’s website.


Bringing the Clinical Philosophy to Life

When we took them on as a client, we recognized that The Good Life was not your average treatment center. They told us their entire corporate philosophy, and it was our job to translate that philosophy into a compelling component of their content.

The core piece of this content was their “Letter From the Owners,” which we helped them formulate and draft. Together with the custom page template we designed, this piece not only highlights The Good Life’s value as a brand, but also gives that brand a unique and compassionate voice that is unparalleled in its industry.


What They Had to Say

If anyone needs superior web design, check out the guys at TM34 marketing. They put everyone else to shame.

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