Infuzio Med Spa

IV Hydration & Wellness Spa

How Do You Build a Luxury Brand from the Ground Up?

Infuzio is a medical spa that provides caters modern wellness to the 1%. With a target market so small & a service regimen so esoteric, generating the trust and awareness Infuzio needed to establish itself as a brand was an uphill battle. Here’s how TM34 did it.

Website Design

Infuzio had a website when TM34 took them on as a client, but it was not up to scratch by TM34 standards. So, we did a major overhaul and also incorporated gradual design changes as a result of user testing and heatmap analysis. Page by page, we ascertained what Infuzio’s audience needed to see, hear and read in order to trust Infuzio’s brand and try one of their treatments. The end product was nothing short of marvelous, and remains one of our finest achievements to date.

Branding & Icon Design

Infuzio offers a total of 11 unique services: 7 IV treatments, 3 booster shots and oxygen therapy. In order to give them a personal, custom touch, we wanted to give each service its own icon. These icons would then be used in Infuzio’s other branding material, such as stickers placed on the IV bags.

E-Book Design & Composition

The first step in the marketing sales funnel is awareness, but our first task for marketing Infuzio was creating not only awareness, but also knowledge. As most of Infuzio’s target market had no knowledge of Infuzio’s exotic services, it behooved us to conduct a massive education campaign that would generate interest.

We chose — among other forms of content — a custom designed e-book as our primary medium for delivering this message. We designed, drafted and wrote the e-book What is IV Therapy and targeted it toward the exact audience Infuzio sought. We then hosted the e-book on a custom-designed landing page that funneled leads, tracked downloads and brought clients further through the sales funnel and closer to Infuzio’s services.

Social Media Campaign

In terms of content promotion & brand awareness, social media became a primary tool for marketing Infuzio’s services. Each treatment had its own target audience and, therefore, its own ad set. Using the granular audience and demographic targeting options afforded by Facebook, we were able to narrow down market segments such as:

  • Athletes
  • Health & wellness buyers
  • Nightlife enthusiasts & partygoers
  • Students at Lynn & other nearby universities
  • People currently suffering from allergy & illness

Infographic Design

Another part of our campaign to educate & build mass awareness of Infuzio’s services was infographics — visually appealing and easy to understand. Click each infographic thumbnail to see it!

Print & Advertising Collateral

Infuzio wasn’t done with a stunning new website and an internet marketing campaign. Over time, we expanded and have continued to provide Infuzio with whatever materials it needs to effectively market & reach new clientele.

Stand-Up Display

Gift Card

Digital Billboard

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