Grocery Gripps

Hands-Free Bag Carrier

Advertising is at the heart of commercialism. It is the part that adds the meaning and, in so doing, attempts to make one identical object more valuable than another.

– James B. Twitchell

A New Kind of Marketing

If marketing & advertising is about differentiating one product from another, how do you market a new type of commodity? This was the case in point with Grocery Gripps, a revolutionary utility that allows shoppers to carry their bags hands-free. These are the solutions we came up with in order to not only demonstrate that Grocery Gripps was a solution to a common problem, but also that a problem exists in the first place.


Website Redesign

For Grocery Gripps, we never put as much stock in online sales as we did in retail. We optimized and promoted their website as we would any other client, but to us its purpose was different. The purpose of Grocery Gripps’ website is and was to represent its brand on the internet. In terms of the design and wireframe, this means less of an emphasis on conversions and calls-to-action and more of an emphasis on presentation and information. Here’s what we did.

Branding & Logo Design

We started with the design of Grocery Gripps’ logo, in which it was imperative to evoke what we believed Grocery Gripps offers and what it stands for. Among its primary themes were comfort and convenience, so we decided upon a deep triadic color palette with violet/dark blue at its apex.

Grocery Gripps distinguishes itself from competitors through its patented ergonomic design, so it was important that their logo exemplify this as well. We used a combination of outlines and cubic-bezier vector curves to create the bars at the top and bottom of the logo, which become a visual representation of the very word “grip,” as well as ergonomic curvatures.


Social Media Advertising

To drum up website conversions, we leveraged a particular Facebook advertising strategy. Grocery Gripps are specifically designed to carry large grocery bags over long distances — so, it made sense to identify city-dwellers as our target demographic. We identified cities that we could advertise in, and then used Facebook’s geo-targeting to serve ads to people in those cities.

Package Design

As the ultimate goal of marketing Grocery Gripps was big-box retail, quality packaging was also key. The design of the packaging had to accomplish two things in particular: piquing the interest of the average retail shopper, and conveying as much information about the product in as simple terms as possible. We realized both goals through a solution that was not only cost-effective, but also well-received by both customers and retail executives alike.

Promotional Print Material

As part of our campaign to get Grocery Gripps into the hands of mass-market retailers, we created a series of promotional print materials (e.g. tri-fold brochures, business cards) to give to sales representatives. TM34 designed these materials from scratch, consistent with Grocery Gripps’ branding, color scheme and aesthetic bezier curves.

Tri-Fold Brochure (Outside)

Tri-Fold Brochure (Inside)

Package Insert

Business Cards

Promotional Handouts

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