American Seniors Association

Political Interest Group

Revamping the Self-Styled “Conservative AARP”

The American Seniors Organization (ASA) is a political interest, advocacy and lobbying group. They hired TM34 Marketing to redesign their website according to their front-end needs, and here’s what we did.

Complete Website Redesign

When we took them on as a client, ASA’s website needed a complete overhaul. It was not responsive to mobile/tablet devices, it used images instead of text, and it was rife with outdated technology. So we gave them a brand new design, complete with custom templates for every single page.

Responsive Web Design

To allow ASA’s development team to quickly turn our designs into front-end prototypes, we designed their website along the lines of the Bootstrap framework, the grid-based system of which enabled us to easily create multiple mockups and UX patterns for every screen size.

Members’ Backend UX

Finally, we made it a primary concern to make ASA’s membership backend as vibrant and dynamic as possible, with well-designed sign-up forms that would inspire visitors to take action and join.

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