Meet Your New Favorite Marketing Agency

Our Story

In 2014, on New Year’s Eve actually, two young professionals sat down to formulate the blueprint for what would eventually become TM34 Marketing.

The idea was to create a “marketing agency of the future” unencumbered by old & outdated preoccupations with keywords, rankings, & content quotas.

Instead, our focus is wholesale brand growth. Too many marketers fail to realize that clicks & keywords are just data on a spreadsheet. They mean nothing if they don’t produce a return on your investment. To this end, we orient every strategy towards growth. If it doesn’t put money in your pocket, it’s not TM34.

As we begin each project, effective communication naturally centers at the core of our philosophy. We aren’t the company you outsource your marketing to. We are, for all intents and purposes, your in-house marketing team.

When it comes to building a vibrant & memorable brand on the internet, too much is at stake for us to hide behind our computers. We intimately collaborate with you to deliver nothing short of perfection.

We’re entering a new age of marketing & TM34’s playing a crucial part ushering it in. Integrative solutions & collaborative partnerships — these are the principles we live by. With each new project comes a new opportunity to apply our creativity & innovation. Let us show you how to transcend the marketing of yesterday & step into the marketing world of tomorrow.

Some Fun Facts

1000+ Ideas Brilliantly Executed

1758 Cups of Coffee Deliciously Brewed

10 Positive Reviews Gladly Given

The TM34 Brain Trust

Jared Sternberg

Project Coordinator & Creative Consultant


Ryan Miller

Creative Director

Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.
- David Ogilvy

Our Corporate Culture

Nothing says “I hate my job” more than a person who’s bad at it — and we’re quite good at what we do. That’s because, at TM34, we believe in having fun. We believe in Nerf gun fights, practical jokes, religiously listening to Rage Against the Machine, and jacking ourselves up on enough caffeine to give a small animal heart palpitations.

What does all this have to do with you? Well, we pride ourselves in our ability to thoroughly enjoy our work, despite whatever demands are set upon us. When we’re having fun, that means we’re growing your business. We’re letting our creativity and our technical skill take hold and guide us down the path toward success. Take a look at our work — you tell us if you think we’re having a good time.

Our Philosophy

TM34's Strategic Approach to Marketing

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter marketing strategies at TM34. We’re not exaggerating when we say we come up with a custom plan of action for every project we tackle.

Every industry – & every company within every industry – is different. They have different clientele, different costs of acquisition, & different returns on investment. We don’t simply recognize these differences – we capitalize on them & turn them into the base of an all-encompassing marketing plan.

Have you ever heard of a marketing agency utilizing Craigslist ads that link to custom-designed landing pages? What about exploring Ebay, Amazon, & Sears marketplaces as avenues for increasing the market share of an e-commerce store?

These are just some of the creative solutions that we have cooking in the TM34 lab. We’re not afraid to think outside the box. On the contrary, it’s our bread & butter.

At any other agency, you might get X amount of blogs & Y amount of social media posts for Z amount of monthly billings. But X, Y, & Z isn’t a formula for success. You might get far, but you won’t get far enough.

At TM34 Marketing, we don’t rest until you get 100%. Everything we do — from your website’s design to your content strategy — is based off what it takes for you to be #1. You don’t want anything short of success. You want it all & we’re here to give it to you.

Friends don’t let friends settle for mediocrity. So what do you say - want to be friends?