Consultation & Training

Quality marketing – the kind that builds your brand, generates leads, and increases your revenue – doesn’t come cheap. It costs money and time, scares many small business owners, and is a long-term investment.

Guess what though? There’s another option – in-house consultation and training.

By choosing TM34 to help you learn and grow in world of marketing, you’re getting all the benefits of an in-house team, a professional agency, and an army of freelancers.

Sound good? Read on to learn how we teach you the secrets of building and growing your brand online!


Design & Development

In today’s world – increasingly connected and taking place online – it’s not enough to simply have a stunning and converting website. You need to know, to intuitively understand, how your website functions.

That’s where TM34 comes to your rescue. We’ll sit down with you, your marketing team, or your IT department and teach you how to build a site. More importantly, we’ll teach you how to build a site that produces leads for your business.

We’ll also teach you and your team the secrets of graphic design and how to make your site aesthetically gorgeous.

Combining our knowledge of development and design with your knowledge of your company – you’ll be able to produce countless sites for all your future campaigns. You’ll be able to fine-tune your brand’s social presence. You’ll be able to look good in any situation.


Search Marketing

SEO, PPC, CPC, CPM, ROI…what the hell do those even mean? If you’re anything like us, you were overwhelmed and left with a gut level fear the first time you saw some of those acronyms!

Don’t be.

Search marketing doesn’t have to be the monster many business owners think it is. In fact, organic and paid search offer two of the most effective and creative ways to be found by customers.

You’re getting more than a consultation firm when you pick us to teach your team the mystical secrets of search engines – you’re getting three marketing nerds who geek out on helping others understand how to use search to grow your business.

We’ll show you the ropes of search engine optimization, link building, content marketing, pay-per-click, display advertising, retargeting, and so much more!


Social Media

In twenty years, search engines and social media will be integrated to the point where everything is done on social. That’s a bold claim, right? We think so. We also think it’s 100% true.

Anyway, we’re here in the present, and enough potential customers already exist on social media. How can you – an overworked business owner with limited time and resources – capture the attention and loyalty of these customers?

Through social media marketing!

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Let us take some of that weight off your shoulders. Seriously, it doesn’t look too comfortable.

We’ll teach you and your team how to identify the right social channels for your business, how to grow and engage your followers on those channels, and how to convert those followers to customers.

We’re borderline savant social gurus and we’ll teach you how to be one too (minus the savant part).


Analytics Training

In the constantly changing universe of digital marketing, one thing remains constant – the need to accurately measure the effectiveness of any given campaign.

You can do this through tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Moz, SEMrush, SpyFu, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Majestic, Hootsuite, and countless others.

Learning how to get the most from these programs isn’t always easy. That’s where we enter the room, smiling and offering some much needed help.

We’ll not only teach you how to use any analytics service you want – we’ll also show you the best tips, tricks, and hacks to maximize them.

We’ll save you time and money. What else can you ask for?


Growth Consultation

Here’s where TM34 really shines – digital marketing growth consultations.

Do you already have a dedicated marketing department? We’ll take them to the next level and supercharge your ROI.

Are you worried your SEO agency isn’t following best practices? We’ll take a look, fix any problems, and move you from black to white-hat.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re nerds with a passion for perfection. We’ve mastered search engines, social media, email, PR, and content marketing. . We create and execute flawless campaigns across all channels.

We don’t rest until our clients are beyond satisfied. We don’t rest until their jaws are firmly on the floor.

We won’t rest until you’ve learned everything you need to run a successful campaign. That’s our promise to you.

Call us today to learn how we take good and make it great!

Let the Experts Train Your Team!